Remote Work Playlist | Multiple Resources

Workforce Trends

As the debate on remote work continues, I have curated this one-page playlist of five resources to help organizations evaluate different aspects of remote work more intentionally. While some resources are more recent than others, they all address essential topics in the ongoing discussion on remote work. For example:

  • McKinsey shares an analysis of which tasks and activities can be performed remotely without a loss of productivity.
  • Similarly, an HBR article offers a framework for determining whether in-person, hybrid, or remote work options are optimal for a knowledge-driven organization.
  • Deloitte approaches remote work from the angle of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) — focusing on the impact of remote work on underrepresented groups.
  • Pivoting to talent acquisition, Gartner shares ideas for recruiters as they collaborate with managers to identify opportunities for sourcing talent for different roles, with fewer limitations and restrictions around a geographic location.
  • And in his HBR article, Marc Mortensen covers the challenges leaders and employees face when trying to reach a consensus on remote work. He offers steps for fostering honest and transparent conversations around remote work.

Links to the resources are included.