Career Mobility: Mindset Over Movement | Red Thread Research via Degreed

Talent Development

As firms tap into their internal workforce to meet talent demands, many of them are revisiting their career mobility approaches. This 42-page report provides several ideas on how career mobility has changed in recent years and how it will change more in the future. It starts with the premise that there are five approaches to career mobility. Ladder. Employees move from one role to the next, generally up, and generally within a given silo or function. 2) Lattice. Employees move up, around, and sometimes down inside the organization. 3) Agency. Employees move around the firm, based on their skills, knowledge, and preferences.  4) Outside In. Workers with specific skills are brought into the organization to accomplish certain projects or pieces of work.  5) Reset. Employees are reskilled and redeployed into new roles based on the organization’s needs and strategy. The report offers three questions to determine which career mobility approach(es) is best suited for a firm, such as:  Does your firm lean toward roles or skills? Page 17 provides a visual of how each of the five mobility approaches enables specific goals (e.g., succession, retention, etc.)

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