Report: Preparing for the Short and Near-Term Future of Work | Deloitte Development

Workforce Planning

Firms continue to develop workforce strategies to address both short and long-term needs. And behind workforce strategy development are usually a set of questions to answer related to work, the workforce, and workplace. This 30-page report raises several questions for firms to consider as they develop and execute both short- and long-term workforce strategies. The report is organized into three sections: 1) Work: Are we returning to the way we worked before stronger, or adopting new ways of working to produce different work outcomes and create value? 2) Workforce: Are we combining skills, talent options, and experiences to shift workforce design or transforming the workforce? 3) Workplace: Are we updating the context and environment in which work is done or completely reimagining it based on technology and workforce preferences? I find this to be a practical and helpful report given: a) Within each section, it breaks down various workforce practices and topics (e.g., employment brand, workforce planning) b) it raises multiple specific questions for each practice/topic, c) the questions are organized by two-time horizons: 12 months and 2-4 years. For example, for workforce planning, a shorter-term question is, “Have we determined the kinds of work we will shift to virtual (or hybrid) work arrangements on a more permanent basis?” A longer-term question might focus on workforce scenario planning. Short and long-term strategies should be viewed in tandem when developing a workforce strategy. Perhaps at your next team strategy meeting: pick at least one question from each of the three areas (work, workforce, & workplace) and have the team determine how they would answer. The answers to these questions will begin to help shape the direction of your workforce strategy.

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