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In spite of the growing prevalence of remote work and technology in the last decade, a new report by Doodle shows that HR teams are still heavily reliant on face-to-face interactions when it comes to recruiting and onboarding employees. A few of the key findings from the study include: 1) Despite a surge in virtual meetings, remote meeting tools are the lowest priority in HR budgets. 2) Virtual recruitment is a delicate balancing act of tools, people, and processes. Said differently, a major recruitment hurdle is scheduling meetings with multiple team members (across time zones) in addition to having to toggle between multiple tools to schedule and conduct interviews. 3) Virtual onboarding is a struggle since it is difficult to make remote workers feel like part of the team in addition to integrating remote workers into the company culture. 4) The future of remote work (productivity) hinges primarily on technology, not training, environment, and attitude. In other words, getting the technology right is the primary driver of a virtual recruiting and onboarding environment. As HR leaders and their teams continue to find ways to simplify, automate, and accelerate aspects of virtual recruitment and onboarding processes, they can use these data points to determine a) the extent to which these findings are a gap within their organization 2) generate possible solutions that can be implemented in phases–with phase one being about gaining a few “quick-wins” in this area. Such a critical review is a starting point for establishing virtual recruiting and onboarding capabilities that will be required both during and after the pandemic.

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