Resetting Normal: Defining the New Era of Work | Adecco Group

Workforce Trends

As organizations continue through the recovery phase of the pandemic and beyond, many of them are using the learnings from the crisis to establish new working norms. This report by the Adecco Group explores the rising expectations of both employees and managers in this post-pandemic era. It is based on responses assessing the attitudes to work of 8,000 people across eight countries. A few of the findings include a) Remote Working – 74%of workers say that a mix of office-based and remote working is the best way forward–where many would prefer to only spend half (51%) of their time there, with the balance spent working remotely. b) When One Works – rather than have set business working hours, many employees believe they should have the flexibility to organize their work hours so long as they complete the tasks they are expected to do and deliver the results expected of them. c) Key performance indicators – should relate to output and impact by which a knowledge-economy employee is measured, as opposed to how long they have worked. The report has other insights that organizations can use as they “re-think their operating models and pivot toward working styles that will benefit both management and employees long-term.”

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