Responsible AI in Recruitment Guidance | Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology

Talent Acquisition

This new 49-page report offers insights on leveraging AI in recruitment and hiring while mitigating associated risks. It outlines considerations for organizations before procuring an AI platform, including identifying problems to solve, communicating AI usage to applicants, evaluating system capabilities, and assessing the need for employee training or resources. The report includes questions to ask when seeking to procure and deploy AI technologies responsibly into an organization’s recruitment processes. It also shares use cases of AI in hiring and outlines risks (starting on p. 43). For example, one AI use case in recruiting is asynchronous video interview tools, where applicants are asked to submit a video recording of themselves answering a set of predetermined questions, where answers are subsequently analyzed using automated technology (natural language processing, or NLP), human oversight, or a combination of the two. Since many systems use eye detection as a proxy for engagement, it can produce discriminatory outcomes if, for example, an applicant is neurodivergent and finds it more difficult to maintain eye contact over a sustained period of time. Other ideas are covered.