Rethinking Work and the Workplace – Fall 2023 Issue | People + Strategy

Workforce Planning Workforce Trends

The 70-page Fall 2023 issue of People + Strategy includes articles on workplace topics like performance management, generations in the workplace, leadership transitions, and return-to-office. Two articles have implications for workforce planning: 1) The Pixelated Workforce Has Arrived…Are We Ready? (starts on p. 22). This article by Josh Bersin discusses the transformation of the workforce into the “Pixelated Workforce,” marked by increased mobility and a shift away from long-term employment to contingent and gig-based work arrangements. Bersin presents a framework to help organizations strategically determine employment types (full-time, part-time, contract-based, or outsourced) for various types of work. 2) Fractional Work & Your Talent Strategy (starts on p. 34) by RJ Milnor covers how more organizations are relying on fractional work—where individuals provide specialized skills or services to multiple organizations on a part-time or project basis, or a fraction of the 40-hour work week. It also includes four questions to assess how fractional work may alter an organization’s talent strategy: 1) What is your independent worker strategy? 2) Which roles should be “gig-ified”? 3) How does this change how you manage your FTEs? 4) How are you taking care of your independent workers? Both articles reinforce the need for organizations to consider a range of employment arrangements as part of their workforce planning.