Return-to-Office Mandate Updates from 7 Organizations | Brian Heger

Workforce Trends

As more organizations announce return-to-office (RTO) mandates, here is my one-page cheat sheet featuring seven organizations that recently updated their RTO guidance. The included organizations represent just a sample of firms making changes to their RTO, and this resource can serve as a starting point for developing a more comprehensive listing. A few updates include Dell, which now requires employees to work on-site for at least 39 days a quarter, regardless of their location, in contrast to the previous guideline focused on employees within an hour’s commute of an office. Deutsche Bank has asked its managing directors to return to the office four days a week, while other staff have been asked to be present three days a week. The company has also announced that staff is no longer able to work from home on Fridays and Mondays. UPS is transitioning corporate employees from a three-day in-office hybrid policy to a full, five-day workweek starting March 4. The one-page cheat sheet includes a hyperlink to each of the sources that informed this document. As leaders navigate the best RTO approach for their organizations, I am resharing this article from Microsoft WorkLab, which recommends setting “in-person” office expectations based on “moments that matter” instead of enforcing a minimum number of office days.