Return to Office (RTO) Cheat Sheet on Organizations Announcing RTO Updates | Brian Heger

Workforce Trends

Organizations continue to announce updates to their return to office (RTO) mandates, encompassing changes such as increasing the number of required in-office days, restricting specific days to work remotely, and incorporating workers’ compliance with RTO mandates into their performance reviews. A few recent RTO updates include: Walmart is asking most remote workers to work from company offices. The organization will still allow staff to work remotely part of the time, as long as they are in offices most of the time. In addition, workers in small tech-focused offices in Dallas, Atlanta, and Toronto are being asked to relocate to other central hubs like Walmart’s corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Ark., Hoboken, N.J., and Northern California. Cognizant, a leading IT services company, has issued a warning to its employees that those who continue to ignore its RTO mandate despite repeated reminders could face severe disciplinary actions, including termination. Dell, which updated its RTO in February requiring most of its employees to work from the office three days a week and work a minimum of 39 days each quarter, has more recently started tracking its employees via their badge swipes and VPN connections—using a color-coded rating system to indicate compliance with RTO guidelines. To help you keep track of RTO announcements, here is my cheat sheet with announcements from 14 organizations.