Return to the Workplace Planning Guide for Employers | Mercer

HR Effectiveness

Organizations continue to plan and help their workforces navigate a return-to-work strategy in light of the pandemic. In making these decisions, firms are simultaneously considering the human and business risks associated with returning to the workplace. This planning guide walks you through questions to help your business leaders, HR, Finance, and response teams organize your employees’ return to the workplace when COVID-19 circumstances allow for it. This editable PDF helps strategists to capture thoughts on 1) guiding principles that can be used with leadership teams to clarify and simplify decision-making,  2) decision criteria for bringing employees back to the workplace, and 3) worker and manager responsibilities that are required to manage our employees’ health and well-being. The remainder of the document focuses on a “Return to the Workplace” that is centered on three areas: Workplace and Worker Readiness, Workforce Support, and Enterprise Resilience. In case you missed it, you can also see my recent post that contains a similar editable workbook that was created by Deloitte.

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