Rewarding Performance During the COVID-19 Pandemic | Gartner – HR Leader’s Monthly – September

Talent Management

During the past few months, I have made several posts on how organizations have adjusted their performance management (PM) practices amidst the pandemic. These adjustments range from how goals are modified to reflect new realities, the frequency of performance feedback, and the focus of performance discussions. And as organizations determine how they will evaluate and reward end-of-year performance during an unprecedented year, they will need to consider the longer-term impact of these decisions. This September issue of Gartner’s HR Leader’s Monthly has nine articles on PM, including one on rewarding employee performance that begins on page four. This article elaborates on four steps to ensure rewards help drive employee engagement and improve the organization’s operational excellence 1) Review how they measure performance and adjust targets, if needed, to reflect the current situation. 2) Use alternative rewards to recognize employee contributions on an ongoing basis leading up to 2021 compensation decisions. 3) Create scenario plans for 2021 compensation decisions to prepare for the full spectrum of economic outcomes, including potentially smaller budgets. 4) Support and recognize new and returning employees throughout recovery. “Because employees will remember how they were treated during the COVID-19 pandemic, effectively recognizing and rewarding employees for their contributions will have consequences for your employer brand for years to come.” 

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