Scenario Planning for a Post-COVID-19 World: Be Prepared for the New Normal | IMD

Workforce Planning

As mentioned in several posts over the past few months, scenario planning (SP) is a tool designed to help organizations plan for uncertain futures. And while SP has been used heavily in industries, such as Oil and Gas, whose performance is “vulnerable to major economic, social, political, and environmental shifts,” COVID-19 has made SP a priority for many organizations. This IMD report provides examples of plausible scenarios for the world after COVID-19. I am offering it as a reference–not necessarily for the actual scenarios it contains–but rather how the examples illustrate ways to describe, contrast, and determine implications of scenarios. Pages 14 through 16 show these examples. Page 16 shows an exercise that can be used to facilitate SP discussions. From a talent perspective, I would add that once the scenarios are formed, each should articulate the talent implications associated with the scenario. HR leaders, strategic workforce planners, and talent strategists can use these resources as they help their organizations build, refine, and plan for various scenarios that they may face during the pandemic and beyond.

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