Setting the Stage for Team-based Performance Management | Deloitte Blog Capital H

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As organizations shift increasingly towards team-based work, harnessing the potential of team-based performance management (PM) is paramount. While not a new concept, team-based PM is garnering increasing attention, especially considering the emphasis that many senior executives have placed on teamwork and collaboration when articulating the narrative of the “return to the office.” However, many organizations still prioritize individual contributions in their PM approach, as evidenced by a recent Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends study revealing that only 28% of organizations base performance incentives on measurable team metrics. This article sheds light on eight PM strategies to promote team-based performance, such as identifying the required shifts in organizational culture that bridge the gap between individual and team success. The article also emphasizes measuring team performance at four levels: organization, stakeholders, the team, and individual team members—a practice that can be enabled by HR technology that helps gather and analyze performance feedback. Is your organization transitioning increasingly toward team-based PM? If so, are you able to articulate the shifts it needs to make across the eight PM levers—from culture to feedback delivery and rewards? In case you missed it, check out my Performance Management Playlist, which includes five PM resources.