Shorten Time-to-Hire by Removing These 5 Bottlenecks | G2

Talent Acquisition

Time-to-hire is one of the most important hiring metrics and is generally defined as the duration of time (usually measured in days) from when an applicant enters the hiring pipeline until they accept a job offer. This measure differs from “time-to-fill” which focuses more on the time from when a job is posted until a candidate accepts the offer. In essence, time-to-hire measures recruiting efficiency and helps to pinpoint which workflows in the process are causing a slowdown (e.g. time it takes to schedule interviews, post jobs, collect feedback from interviewers, to name a few.) As organizations look for ways to not only hire the best talent but to accelerate their onboarding and provide them with great candidate experience, this article provides tactics for removing 5 time-wasting bottlenecks. Talent acquisition functions can use this information to do an audit of their time-to-hire and identify actions for improving this important metric.


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