Should Employers Rethink What They’re Offering Workers? | Knowledge@Wharton and Peter Cappelli

Podcast | Webinar Workforce Trends

As the pandemic pushes on, it continues to reshape what people value and prefer in their work and workplace. This shift has forced organizations to stay informed about the needs and expectations of their workers. However, as noted in various reports, such as those from McKinsey and Mercer, there is often a disconnect between what employers think workers want and what workers actually prefer. In this recently released 22-minute podcast, Wharton’s Peter Cappelli explains what we’re getting wrong about the Great Resignation, how the pandemic has rewired worker preferences, and why it’s time for employers to reconsider how they do things. You can also check out an informative article on this topic by Peter, titled Let’s Stop Guessing: Here’s What’s Truly Changing About Work, which reinforces a few of the insights from the podcast. While the article is from October 2021, it provides insights into how today’s workers have experienced the pandemic so far, job seeker behavior throughout the pandemic, and myths and facts about today’s labor market.

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