Six Emerging Human Capital Management Technology Trends | Gartner for HR

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This paper highlights six emerging HCM technologies in the early proof-of-concept stages or have had some success stories. It includes a “hype cycle” that organizes each trend in five phases of a technology’s life cycle. These phases range from an innovation trigger (a breakthrough or product launch that generates interest), the trough of disillusionment (technology does not live up to its overinflated expectations and interest can wane), to the plateau of productivity (real-world benefits are accepted and there is mainstream adoption). The HCM technology trends are 1) Virtual assistants in HCM, 2) Internal talent marketplaces, 3) Employee productivity monitoring, 4) DEI in HCM, 5) Blockchain in HCM, and 6) Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality applications in corporate learning. The paper summarizes each HCM technology’s benefits and offers considerations (e.g., for employee productivity monitoring, ensure that the technology is implemented ethically by testing it against criteria and design principles). This resource will help firms consider, evaluate, and implement various HCM technologies.

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