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As many organizations continue to evaluate and adjust their talent practices to reflect new organizational realities, one area that has gained attention during this time is the talent review process. For many organizations, the pandemic has underscored the importance of understanding the skills, career aspirations, and potential of its talent, and then using this information to make agile talent decisions (e.g., quickly redeploying talent where and when needed.) As a result, organizations are reevaluating their talent review practices to ensure they can deliver this capability. But as pointed out in this article, many challenges still exist when it comes to executing effective talent reviews. These challenges range from “overly complex processes, vague definitions of potential, ill-equipped HR leaders, no follow up, and other ills that undercut this potentially powerful process’s effectiveness.” This article provides insight into six factors that create an impactful talent review. Each of the six is important, and most organizations can leverage one in particular to make an immediate impact – #2: A Light Process. This factor ensures that only practices and information that disproportionately impact the talent review’s ability to drive value are included; the rest is eliminated. What are three extraneous practices and/or types of information that you can immediately eliminate from your organization’s talent review process? 

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