Skills-Based Organization Playlist | Deloitte

Talent Management

Note: This PDF was updated with an additional resource on 6/13/2023. 

Skills-based talent practices continue to be a topic of interest for organizations looking to use skills—rather than just jobs—as the basis for talent management. And while there have been many great resources shared on this topic, Deloitte is one organization that has provided much thought leadership in this area. This one-page PDF highlights five (now six!) of Deloitte’s resources on skills-based talent practices. Although I have covered these resources individually in various blog posts, this PDF provides easy access to all of this information. It includes a link to the source document, a description of what the source covers, and a sample “key takeaway” from each resource. A few topics covered across the resources include: a) the talent practices in which organizations are mainly integrating skills, b) suggestions for how firms can organize work beyond the constraints of the traditional job and integrate with more effective workforce planning, and c) ideas on how organizations can move towards skills-based compensation and reward structures, to name a few. The six resources provide insights into the opportunities and challenges associated with implementing skills-based talent practices.