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I have shared several articles highlighting how organizations are reimagining every talent practice to be based more on skills than jobs. As noted in this new article, a skills-based organization (SBO) provides an integrated system that ensures that the workforce is aligned, capable, effective, adaptable, efficient, and inspired by shifting from managing employment and supervising work done in jobs, to dynamically orchestrating and cultivating ever-evolving skills and work. Stated differently, an SBO uses the workforce’s skills at an atomic level–not by broad groups of jobs—to rapidly deploy talent to meet critical business needs. And while this article provides ideas on concepts such as skills taxonomies, ontologies, and clouds (the infrastructure of an SBO), I am mainly sharing it since the model shown in Figure 1 provides an effective way of drawing the connection between aspects of skills and various talent practices. This “Hub and Spoke” model shows how the Hub comprises  1) Talent Philosophy, 2) Skills Framework + Common Language, 3) Data + Technology Enablers, and 4) Governance (skills ownership, change management, etc.). The Spoke component consists of several integration points, ranging from workforce planning and job architectures, talent acquisition, opportunity marketplace, and rewards, to name a few. Firms can use this model as a starting point for integrating, simplifying, and communicating the various components of their talent ecosystem.

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