Skills: The New Workforce Operating System | Deloitte Blog: Capital H

Talent Management

I have made several posts highlighting thought leaders’ views on how skills—rather than jobs—are increasingly redefining and reimagining every talent practice. However, given the various talent practices skills touch, it is challenging for firms to know where to start when integrating a skills-based approach into core talent practices. This article provides ideas to help firms shift to skill-based talent practices through four phases: 1) Inching, 2) Progressing, 3) Transforming, 4) Actualizing. For each phase, there are figures that highlight which talent practices are most likely to be influenced by that phase. For example, it’s recommended to start with talent practices that have the most apparent connection with skills in the 1) Inching Phase: examples include learning and development or talent acquisition, or where talent practices are “based on more mature technologies readily available as upgrades to existing HR information systems.” Firms can affect other talent practices, such as workforce planning and performance management, as they progress through each phase. This phased approach provides a practical framework for incorporating skills across most talent practices.

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