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HR Effectiveness

Many HR organizations are planning their 2022 priorities, initiatives, and investments at this time of the year. And while a segment of firms prides themselves on having sophisticated, robust, and sometimes cumbersome planning tools and processes, one learning during the pandemic is that these plans can be altered quickly because of a rapidly changing business environment. As such, it can be helpful for firms to have a streamlined planning process that flexes and evolves with changing business conditions. This Gartner resource offers four planning components that HR organizations can leverage as they develop agile plans. They include: 1) identify a shortlist of metrics to describe the function’s target state, 2) document and monitor key assumptions, 3) identify key initiatives and milestones required to move to the end state, and 4) craft a concise statement that captures the essence of the strategy. Pages 5 and 6 include a template to document this information. As HR leaders and their teams use this template to develop their priorities, they can also reference a popular post I made on a 40-page BCG report that prioritizes 32 HR and people practices across nine clusters.

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