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Talent Management

CHROs and their teams continue to craft and refine talent strategies that have been accelerated by the pandemic. According to this short article, these strategies are anchored in five key areas. 1) Finding and hiring the right people. 2) Learning and growing. 3) Managing and rewarding performance. 4) Tailoring the employee experience (EX). 5) Optimizing workforce planning and strategy. The article provides ideas for each of the five areas, all of which are important; I want to emphasize #5 Workforce planning: Given that the pandemic has fundamentally changed most aspects of business and work, many firms will need to reassess how value is created in their organization. This trend will require firms to reevaluate critical roles and required skills and skill pools within their workforce. With respect to critical roles, you can check out Adam Gibson’s article, Identifying Your Critical Workforce for Post-COVID Recovery, which helps firms separate roles into quadrants (Specialists, Criticals, Operators, and Professionals) based on the uniqueness and value of the role to the organization.

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