Strategic Workforce Planning Playlist | Multiple Resources

Workforce Planning

You can also access this resource and many others in Issue 245 of Talent Edge Weekly.

As HR leaders and their teams continue to prioritize strategic workforce planning (SWP), I’ve curated a one-page playlist featuring five SWP resources. The resources include:

  1. Can You Answer These 6 Questions Related to Your Organization’s Strategic Workforce Planning? My one-page slide provides a framework with 6 questions to guide SWP efforts. 
  2. How to Leverage Data for More Influential Workforce Planning. A Gartner report outlines 3 steps to assess talent risks and use insights to inform your SWP. 
  3. Scenario Planning Worksheet for Workforce Planning. My one-page template to help organizations adapt their workforce plans to different scenarios. 
  4. Talent Acquisition and Strategic Workforce Planning: A Powerful Partnership. The Conference Board shares how better collaboration between SWP and TA teams can close SWP gaps. 
  5. The Pixelated Workforce Has Arrived…Are We Ready?  Josh Bersin discusses the “Pixelated” workforce, where different worker types (e.g., contingent) can supply work demand.

You can also check out the recently released book from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Professional Practice Series, Strategic Workforce Planning: Best Practices and Emerging Directions, which features 16 chapters on SWP. I’m honored to have authored one of the chapters!