Strategies for Leading the Future of Work | MIT Sloan School of Management

Leadership & Culture

According to IBM’s Institute for Business Value report, 5 Trends for 2022 and Beyond, digital transformation is a top priority for many organizations. However, a segment of firms falls short of building robust digital capabilities that are needed to support digital strategies and transformations. This new 23-page four-article issue provides actionable steps to build capabilities that support a more digitized, diverse, and dispersed workforce. The articles include: 1) Why Distributed Leadership is the Future of Management. Discusses how the future of work requires an agile mindset focused on small, short-term wins, and a “cultivate and coordinate” approach to leadership. 2) How to Make Work of the Future Work for Everyone. Shares ideas on how firms can develop working models that deliver for shareholders, employees, and global communities. 3) Five Traits of the Workforce of the Future. Shares ideas on how future-ready employees are empowered, data-literate, comfortable with artificial intelligence and machine learning, and committed to social and climate concerns. 4) What Work of the Future Means to 5 Business Leaders. Shares ideas on how executives from Google, Target, and Amgen prioritize data, artificial intelligence, and empathy as they shape a future-ready workforce.