Study on the Impact of Technology on Human Resource Jobs and Skills | Willis Towers Watson

HR Effectiveness

The pandemic continues to present an opportunity for the HR function to redefine how it works to best address the evolving needs of the organization and workforce. As HR functions assess how technology will reinvent their jobs and tasks, this 225-page report provides useful insights. Although the report examines the impact of technology on HR jobs and skills in Singapore, the approach used to determine the impact can be applied more broadly. The study analyzed 27 HR roles to understand the effect of technology on those roles, using three criteria: 1) extent of automation, 2) impact of technology on job scope, and 3) the impact of technology on skills. One finding is that eight of the most severely affected roles and at risk of being replaced are lower-level positions in talent management, performance, rewards, and organization development. These roles were determined to be administrative in nature and can be automated with advances in robotic process automation, machine learning, and social robotics. HR leaders can leverage the approach used, including Figure 8 on page 14, to determine how technology is likely to substitute, augment, or transform HR jobs and skills in their organizations’.

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