Pay Transparency Study | Mercer and WorldatWork

Talent Management

A survey from WorldatWork and Mercer found that 67% of organizations report pay transparency as increasing in importance at their organizations. However, only 14% of organizations have approached pay transparency beyond a “moderate” level. Pay transparency was defined as the degree to which employers are open about what, why, how, and how much employees are compensated, and to which they allow employees to share pay‐related information with others. This can extend beyond base pay to include variable pay and other rewards components, as well as other facets and/or means to rewards, such as promotions, recognition, development, and performance assessment. The report has insights that might be useful for organizations as they develop or refine their philosophy on this sensitive topic. With employees increasingly expecting and valuing transparency in general from their employer, this topic in the context of rewards is likely to grow in the years ahead.


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