Succession Planning Playlist | Multiple Resources

Talent Management

This one-page PDF includes a playlist of five resources on succession planning. They include:

  1. Succession Metrics Tracking Template | Brian Heger. This one-page editable PDF includes 10 succession planning metrics that organizations can refer to as they track and measure the effectiveness of their succession management practices. While 10 metrics are provided, organizations can select the vital few (or include others) for which they want to track progress.
  2. Strategies to Improve Succession in a High-disruption Environment | Gartner. Provides ideas for building robust leadership pipelines amid disruption and continuous change. One case study involves Bridgestone, which uses two strategies for implementing adaptable approaches to succession planning.
  3. Set Up to Fail: Poor Design of C-suite Jobs Can Block Executives From Succeeding in Their Roles | MIT Sloan Management Review. In looking at 185 executive-level job descriptions, researchers found that many are poorly designed, contributing to misalignment between jobs and successors.
  4. How Leading Organizations Are Evolving Their Succession Management Practices | i4cp. Covers six ways succession practices are shifting, including moving away from using years (e.g., 1, 2, 3 years until ready) as a measure of successor readiness.
  5.  CEO Succession: Lessons Learned From Global CHROs | Gartner. This 22-page guide highlights common roadblocks and successes a CHRO can anticipate when preparing for and undergoing CEO succession.

The PDF has clickable links to the source documents and a brief description of its contents.