Talent and Workforce Risks Template | Brian Heger

Talent Management

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As HR leaders and their teams take a more expansive view of the different talent and workforce risks that can pose threats to their organizations, this editable template can help teams facilitate a discussion on this topic. 

For each of the 10 risks listed in column 1:

  • utilize the subsequent columns to choose the corresponding ‘risk level’ that best represents the degree of risk within your organization.
  • Organizations should also define what high, medium, and low-risk means for their organization.
  • Clicking the box will automatically apply a color code (green, yellow, red) associated with the risk level.
  • The final column is designated for inserting notes related to specific risk areas that require attention.

Although this template doesn’t encompass all potential talent and workforce risks, it aids in considering and addressing many pertinent ones for an organization. You can modify it as you see fit.

Lastly, including risks in talent planning doesn’t suggest that organizations should “play it safe” or focus on risk at the expense of talent opportunities. Factoring risks into strategic planning increases the likelihood of realizing the talent opportunities an organization aims to achieve.