Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 176


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This week’s issue of Talent Edge Weekly covers the following five resources:

  1. Will AI Fix Work? Microsoft 2023 Work Trend Index Report | A new 29-page report that explores the opportunities and challenges associated with AI’s integration into the workplace.
  2. Strategies to Improve Succession in a High-Disruption Environment | Gartner | Shares ideas for building robust leadership pipelines amid disruption and continuous change.
  3. 10 Talent and Workforce Risks Template | Brian Heger Includes an inventory of 10 talent and workforce risks that firms can use to highlight their level of risk exposure and actions for mitigating risks.
  4. Major Six-month Trial Finds Working a Four-day Week Boosts Employee Wellbeing While Preserving Productivity University of Cambridge Shares findings from a 6-month study on the impact of a 4-day work week on outcomes such as workforce stress, retention, and business metrics.
  5. Your Workforce Includes People with Disabilities. Does Your People Strategy? | Boston Consulting Group Provides ideas on how firms can ensure their DEI strategies include People with Disabilities (PwD). I reshare a DEI strategy template from Gartner.

Also included is the 2023 Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker, Chief HR Officer Hire of the Month, and more!