Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 177


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This week’s issue of Talent Edge Weekly covers the following five resources:

  1. Beyond Productivity: The Journey to the Quantified Organization | Deloitte | A new 70-page paper that shares various use cases on how workforce data can generate shared value for individuals, teams, the organization, and society.
  2. Workforce Ecosystem Orchestration: A Strategic Framework | MIT Sloan Management Review | A new article on coordinating the efforts of an organization’s entire workforce—both employees and external contributors.
  3. Career Pathing for a Fragmented Work Landscape | Gartner | Provides ideas for supporting career development beyond job moves. I share a bonus template for identifying opportunities to break roles down into tasks and use them as a source of development.
  4. HR Operating Model Playlist | Multiple Resources | Provides 5 articles that help HR leaders think through multiple aspects of their HR operating model.
  5. Skills-First: Reimagining the Labor Market and Breaking Down Barriers Report | LinkedIn Economic Graph | A 40-page report that addresses various aspects of skills, including recommendations for accelerating the shift to skills-first hiring.

Also included is the 2023 Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker, Chief HR Officer Hire of the Month, and more!