Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 180


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This issue of Talent Edge Weekly covers HR tech, internal mobility, people analytics, women in the workplace, and the impact of remote work on DEI.

  1. HR Technology Planning Imperatives for 2023 and Beyond | Gartner for HR | Examines HR technology considerations and priorities of 138 organizations for 2023; shares tactics for HR tech implementation.
  2. Internal Talent Marketplace and Internal Mobility Playlist | Multiple Resources | I share a playlist of five resources on enabling an organization’s internal talent marketplace and internal mobility.
  3. Women at Work: A Global Outlook 2023 Report | Deloitte | A 39-page report that presents findings from Deloitte’s third annual survey on women in the workplace.
  4. 17 People Analytics Questions to Help Inform Aspects of Your Talent Strategy | Brian Heger | A PDF that includes my tweets on 17 people analytics questions across 6 talent categories. Includes a space for you to add other questions.
  5. Inclusive or Isolated? New DEI Considerations When Working from Anywhere | Deloitte Insights | Shares new research on the impact of remote work on people with disabilities (PwD), those with low income, caregivers, and older individuals.

Also included is the 2023 Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker, Chief HR Officer Hire of the Month, and more!