Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 181


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This issue of Talent Edge Weekly covers HR cost savings with talent investments, Chat GPT prompts for HR, employee preferences, career equity, and a skills-based organization playlist.

  1. How to Balance HR Cost Savings and Talent Investments in 2023 | Gartner | Provides tactics for HR cost reduction and increased efficiency while preserving critical talent investments.
  2. Four Chat GPT Prompt Examples for HR Brian Heger A PDF with Chat GPT prompt examples and illustrations for talent management, recruiting and DEI, onboarding, and evaluating AI-based talent platforms.
  3. Leverage Employee Preferences to Identify Total Rewards Trade-offs Gartner | Offers ideas for adopting a more systematic approach to understanding workers’ preferences and using these insights to inform employee value proposition investments.
  4. Opening Access to the Fast Track for Career Equity MIT Sloan Management Review | A new article by Haig Nalbantian that shares research on situational factors that contribute to or hinder the career progression of women and people of color.
  5. Skills-based Organization Playlist Deloitte | I share an updated playlist of 6 articles and resources from Deloitte on building a skills-based organization.

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