Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 197


This issue covers moments that matter for in-person work, HR’s expanding role, 10 Q&As on skills-based talent practices, AI’s impact on the future of work, and the ethics of managing people’s data.

  1. In the Changing Role of the Office, It’s All About Moments That Matter | Microsoft Work Lab | Recommends prioritizing “in-person” interactions based on “moments that matter” instead of enforcing a minimum number of days to be in the office.
  2. A New Strategic Vision for HR’s Expanding Role | Gartner | Covers how HR needs to shift from an “own-and-operate” mindset to one that brings together the right stakeholders for new ideas and decision-making.
  3. 10 Q&As on Skills-based Talent Practices | Multiple Resources | I share my curated list of resources that help answer 10 questions as organizations transition to skills-based talent practices.
  4. Future of Professionals Report: How AI is the Catalyst for Transforming Every Aspect of Work | Thomson Reuters Institute | A 36-page report that delves into the anticipated impact of generative AI on the future of work.
  5. The Ethics of Managing People’s Data | Harvard Business Review | Proposes a 5 component framework for how organizations can responsibly and ethically manage employee data for various purposes.

Also included are the 2023 Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker, Chief HR Officer Hire of the week, and more!

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