Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 204


This issue covers: template for identifying critical positions, study on Gen AI, talent reviews, contingent workforce, and HR tech checklist.

  1. Template for Identifying an Organization’s Most Critical Positions | Brian Heger | I share a new one-page editable template to help organizations determine their most critical roles.
  2. How People Can Create—and Destroy—Value with Generative AI | BCG Henderson Institute | Shares the results of a study on the impact of generative AI on the productivity of highly skilled workers.
  3. Podcast: What Works…Talent Review | Future of HR Podcast | Host JP Elliot has a discussion with guests Anne Davis Gotte (VP Global Talent at General Mills) and Joe Garbus, (EVP Global Head of Talent at PVH Corp) on aspects of the talent review process.
  4. The Rise of the Invisible Workforce | The Conference Board | Addresses how organizations can more effectively integrate their contingent workforce strategy into their overall workforce strategy.
  5. Checklist to Review Your HR Technology Roadmap | Gartner | A 15-page paper on how HR can review and update its HR tech roadmaps biannually or when a review is triggered by changing requirements.

Also included are the 2023 Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker, Chief HR Officer Hire of the week, and more!