Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 210


This issue covers LinkedIn’s new Future of Work report, internal talent marketplace case study, scaling hiring plans up and down, why talent management isn’t working as good as it could, and return to office.

  1. Future of Work Report: AI at Work | LinkedIn Economic Graph | A new 35-page report that explores the evolving landscape of work shaped by AI.
  2. How to Start Smart With a Talent Marketplace | MIT Sloan Management Review | Shares Booz Allen’s experience in launching an internal talent marketplace, including key lessons learned during the first year of the project.
  3. Build a Recruiting Function That Scales With Your Hiring Demand | Gartner | Shares tactics for scaling hiring plans up and down quickly amidst shifting business conditions.
  4. Why Talent Management and Succession Bench Building Aren’t Working Today: As Least Not as Well as They Could! | IHRIM | Dave Ulrich, Allan H. Church, Bob Eichinger, and Roger Pearman offer their collective perspectives on the obstacles hindering talent management and succession.
  5. Return-to-Office Plans Don’t Have to Undermine Employee Autonomy | Harvard Business Review | Highlights the potential conflict between mandates for returning to the office and the values espoused by organizations.

Also included are the 2023 Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker, Chief HR Officer Hire of the week, and more!