Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 216


This issue covers performance management, skills-based hiring, becoming a skills-based organization, talent management and the Board, and the impact of AI on jobs.

  1. How Calibration Meetings Introduce Bias into Performance Reviews Harvard Business Review Shares ideas for mitigating bias during performance review calibrations.
  2. Competence Over Credentials: The Rise of Skills-Based Hiring BCG and Lightcast Highlights the shift towards skills-based hiring over traditional degree-focused recruitment.
  3. The Long but Rewarding Journey to Becoming a Skills-Driven Organization (SDO) The Conference Board Provides insights into determining if becoming an SDO is right for an organization.
  4. Talent Management: An Evolving Board Imperative Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance | A new article on talent and workplace topics of interest to the Board. Includes 38 questions.
  5. Jobs of Tomorrow: Large Language Models and Jobs – A Business Toolkit The World Economic Forum A new 17-page white paper that explores the impact of AI on jobs.

Also included are the 2023 Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker, Chief HR Officer Hire of the week, and more!

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