Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 218


This issue covers examples of skills-based talent practices, CEO 2024 priorities and concerns, new template for critical role identification, GenAI in the workplace, and remote work.

  1. Putting Skills First: Opportunities for Building Efficient and Equitable Labour Markets | The World Economic Forum | A new report that shares real examples of how organizations are implementing skills-based talent practices.
  2. 2024 CEO Outlook Reports | The Conference Board and PwC | I share a few insights from two CEO 2024 outlook reports, shedding light on select talent implications. 
  3. A Template for Identifying Critical Roles Based on Strategic Capabilities | Brian Heger | I share my new one-page template for identifying critical roles based on the extent to which they enable strategic capabilities. 
  4. Work, Workforce, Workers: Reinvented in The Age of Generative AI | Accenture | A 48-page report, coauthored by Accenture’s Chief Leadership & HR Officer, Ellyn Shook, on how GenAI is impacting the workforce and how leaders can respond. 
  5. The Growing Inequality of Who Gets to Work from Home | Harvard Business Review | Shares research on how remote work opportunities are prevalent in higher-paying roles that demand more experience, full-time employment, and advanced education.

Also included are the Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker, Chief HR Officer Hire of the week, and more!

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