Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 220 – The Best of January 2024


This special Best of January issue of Talent Edge Weekly brings you 18 of the most popular articles and resources from the January editions of the newsletter. The 18 resources are categorized into three sections:

  1. Workforce Trends. 2024 work trends, CEO outlook, AI in the workplace, remote and hybrid work, and return-to-office mandates.

  2. Talent Practices. Talent planning, performance management, talent reviews, succession planning, internal mobility, critical roles, diversity equity inclusion, the Board’s role in talent management, and organizational transformation.

  3. Skills. Becoming a skills-based organization, examples of skills-based practices, and skills-based hiring.

Also includes the Job Cuts Tracker and Chief HR Officer Hire of the Month.

While there is much content in this Best Of Issue, there is also an option to view an abridged version, which includes only links and brief descriptions of the 18 resources covered. You can decide which version best meets your needs.