Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 221


This issue covers talent and workforce topics prioritized by the board of directors, pay equity, ROI of upskilling, CEO and CHRO priorities, and GenAI.

  1. Time to Rethink Talent in The Boardroom Deloitte Insights | Provides insights into which talent and workforce-related topics boards are prioritizing. I share a bonus resource.
  2. A Better Way for Companies to Address Pay Gaps Harvard Business Review | Covers how a pay equity analysis can help address systematic biases in an organization’s salary structure.
  3. Is Your Upskilling Program Paying Off? BCG | Shares a three-step approach to assist companies in better evaluating the “return on learning investment” (ROLI).
  4. Podcast: CEO and CHRO Priorities for 2024 The Conference Board | A new 29-minute CEO Perspectives podcast episode to discuss the talent implications of The Conference Board’s C-Suite Outlook 2024 report.
  5. Generative AI and the Workforce The Burning Glass Institute A new 26-page report on how GenAI will impact industries, companies, and jobs; shares questions organizations should be asking in response.

Also included are the Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker, Chief HR Officer Hire of the week, and more!

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