Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 222


This issue covers why organizations overhire, HR initiative prioritization template, 2024 Deloitte Human Capital report, work-from-home and working mothers, and AI in the workplace.

  1. Why Do Companies Hire Too Many People? Josh Bersin Shares five tactics for mitigating overhiring in organizations.
  2. HR Initiative Prioritization Template Brian Heger | I share my one-page editable template for reevaluating HR priorities and initiatives. Can also be used for non-HR functions.
  3. 2024 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Report Deloitte Insights | Shares Deloitte’s new 122-page report on the most pressing workplace issues. One topic is “microcultures.”
  4. Has the Rise of Work-from-Home Reduced the Motherhood Penalty in the Labor Market? University of Virginia and University of Southern California | Presents research on the impact of work-from-home opportunities on working mothers’ participation in the workforce.
  5. How Generative AI Is Changing The Future Of Work: Navigating the Transformation to Come Oliver Wyman Forum | Shares insights for organizations to consider as they develop and implement strategic plans for integrating AI into the workplace.

Also included are the Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker, Chief HR Officer Hire of the week, and more!

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