Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 223


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This issue covers return-to-office mandates from 7 organizations, Chief HR Officers, skill-based organizations, employee turnover, and a study on the impact of virtual meetings.

  1. Return-to-Office Mandate Updates from 7 Organizations | Brian Heger | I share a one-page snapshot of a segment of organizations that have made updates to their return-to-office guidance.

  2. The Role of CHROS in Winning Through Change and Disruption | The Conference Board | Provides ideas on how Chief HR Officers can support their organizations through hybrid work, AI, and leadership development.

  3. Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze? Questions About Becoming a Skills-based Organization | The Talent Strategy Group | Raises 17 questions for critically evaluating an organization’s pursuit of becoming a skill-based organization.

  4. How Employee Turnover Fueled Boeing’s Quality Control Nightmare | Fortune | Discusses how changing workforce demographics and the loss of experienced workers in Boeing’s assembly plants have had a negative impact on quality control.

  5. Virtual Meeting Fatigue: Exploring the Impact of Virtual Meetings on Cognitive Performance and Active Versus Passive Fatigue | Journal of Occupational Health Psychology | Covers research findings on the impact of virtual meetings on cognitive performance.

Also included are the Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker, Chief HR Officer Hire of the week, and more!

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