Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 226


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This issue covers return-to-office updates, a case study on hybrid work, strategic workforce planning, Gen AI use cases in HR, and identifying “hidden” talent.

  1. Return-to-Office Updates | Brian Heger | I share updates on a segment of organizations that have announced changes to their return-to-office guidance.

  2. Unlocking the Power of Hybrid Work: 5 Guiding Principles from Cisco’s 3-Year Study | Kelly Jones on LinkedIn | Cisco’s Chief People Officer, Kelly Jones, shares recommendations for unlocking the potential of hybrid work based on learnings from Cisco’s Future of Work Study.

  3. Talent Acquisition and Strategic Workforce Planning: A Powerful Partnership | The Conference Board | Offers tactics for how workforce planning and talent acquisition professionals can partner to drive more effective workforce planning.

  4. How to Evaluate Use Cases for Generative AI in HR | Gartner | Provides a framework for prioritizing 20 use cases for AI in HR. I share a bonus resource.

  5. Are You Losing Your Best Candidates To The Black Hole? | Chief Executive | Discusses how Applicant Tracking Systems relying on algorithms can exclude potentially qualified candidates from job opportunities.

Also included are the Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker, Chief HR Officer Hire of the week, and more!