Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 227


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This issue covers Mercer’s 2024 global talent trends, LinkedIn 2024 workplace learning report, 17 hybrid work examples, microstressors, and 2024 recruiting report.

  • 2024 Mercer’s Global Talent Trends: Workforce 2.0: Unlocking Human Potential in a Machine-Augmented World | Mercer | A new 68-page report covering a range of workplace topics, such as worker preferences, productivity, and AI in the workplace.
  • The Future of Recruiting 2024 | LinkedIn Talent Solutions | A new report addressing 6 areas impacting recruiting priorities, such as skill-based hiring, AI, and quality of hire.
  • 17 Hybrid Work Examples For Organizations Embracing New Ways of Work in 2024 | AIHR | Shares 17 types of hybrid work arrangements, offering insights into their suitability for different situations. I reshare bonus resources on the topic.
  • 2024 Workplace Learning Report | LinkedIn Learning | A new 39-page report addressing several workplace learning priorities, ranging from career development to internal mobility.
  • 5 Ways to Deal with the Microstresses Draining Your Energy | Harvard Business Review | A new article on how microstressors—individual stressors that seem manageable at the moment—can impact employee wellbeing.

Also included are the Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker, Chief HR Officer Hire of the week, and more!