Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 228


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This issue covers assessing a role for hybrid work, fair pay, talent management questions, organizational culture, and AI in talent acquisition.

  1. Assessing a Role for Hybrid Working | CIPD | A one-page flowchart to determine a role’s feasibility for hybrid work.
  2. When New Hires Get Paid More, Top Performers Resign First | Harvard Business Review | Shares findings and recommendations from an analysis on the effects of hiring a higher-paid coworker on existing employees.
  3. 24 Talent Questions Across Eight Talent Areas Template | Brian Heger | An editable PDF with questions that can help uncover insights about aspects of an organization’s talent management.
  4. Corporate Culture in a New Era: Views from the C-suite | Journal of Applied Corporate Finance | Explores the perspectives of 1,348 executives on multiple aspects of corporate culture within their firms.
  5. Strategic AI Adoption in Talent Acquisition Today: Overcoming Barriers and Unveiling Future Possibilities | Mercer and St. John’s University | Discusses barriers and challenges to AI adoption in talent acquisition (TA) and proposes recommendations. I share bonus resources.

Also included are the Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker, Chief HR Officer Hire of the week, and more!