Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 230 – The Best of March 2024


This special “Best of March” issue of Talent Edge Weekly brings you 15 of the most popular articles and resources from the March issues of the newsletter. The 15 resources are organized into three categories:

  1. Workplace Trends. Return-to-office updates, 2024 Mercer talent trends, future of recruiting, and workplace learning.
  2. Talent and Workplace Practices. Hybrid work assessment, hybrid work case study, 24 talent questions, talent acquisition and workforce planning, recruiting older workers, ways of working, fair pay, and corporate culture.
  3. AI in HR. Prioritizing 20 use cases for AI in HR, HR’s role in enabling an AI-empowered culture, and AI adoption in talent acquisition.

Also included are the Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker and select Chief HR Officer Hires and Promotions from the month.

This special issue of Talent Edge Weekly is packed with content. You can either read the full version with in-depth insights or the abridged version. Regardless of your chosen version, I hope you find value in these resources. If so, please share this issue with others on your favorite social media platforms. 

I look forward to sharing more resources with you throughout April!