Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 231


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This issue covers internal mobility, work tasks that can be done remotely, examples of how companies are implementing 4 workplace practices, responsible AI in recruitment, and enhancing employment brand.

  1. That Great New Hire You’re Looking for Is Already Working for You | Fast Company | Josh Bersin shares how internal mobility is an underutilized strategy for filling an organization’s talent needs. 
  2. The Rise of Global Digital Jobs | World Economic Forum | Provides a framework for evaluating the extent to which work tasks (and the larger jobs they entail) can be performed from anywhere.
  3. Four Examples of How Organizations are Implementing Different Workplace Practices | Multiple Resources | Shares examples of practices related to internal talent marketplace, childcare benefits, reducing meeting overload, and remote work.
  4. Responsible AI in Recruitment Guidance | Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology | A new 49-page report to help organizations unlock the benefits of AI in recruiting and hiring while reducing risks.
  5. A Five-Step Guide to Improving Your Employer Brand | MIT Sloan Management Review | Shares five steps for developing a superior employer brand based on the practices of leading employers.

Also included are the Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker, Chief HR Officer Hire of the week, and more!