Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 232


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This issue covers strategic workforce planning, recruiting overlooked talent pools, evidenced-based HR, micromanagement, and Dell’s new return-to-office policy.

  1. Can You Answer These 6 Questions Related to Your Organization’s Strategic Workforce Planning? | Brian Heger | I share a one-page framework to jumpstart discussions for an organization’s SWP.
  2. Redesign Diversity Recruiting to Reach Neglected Talent Pools | Gartner | Provides ideas for designing a more effective recruiting strategy to reach overlooked talent pools.
  3. Research-Based Studies on Different Aspects of Talent and the Workplace | Multiple Resources | I share a one-page curated list of 4 research studies that can help inform talent practices.
  4. Are You a Micromanager? | Harvard Business Review | Shares 3 reflection questions to help managers identify their tendency to micromanage and avoid this behavior.
  5. New Dell Return-To-Office Strategy: Potential Impact On Remote Workers | Fortune | Raises concerns about the potential legal ramifications of Dell’s new return-to-office policy.

Also included are the Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker, Chief HR Officer Hire of the week, and more!