Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 233


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Scenario planning in workforce planning, re-recruiting former employees, HR effectiveness, high-potential employee identification, and reduced stigma of career breaks.

  1. Scenario Planning Worksheet for Workforce Planning | Brian Heger | My one-page worksheet for thinking through workforce planning responses to different scenarios.
  2. Is the Re-recruitment of Former Employees Part of Your Recruiting Strategy? | Brian Heger | I share reasons why recruiting former employees can help organizations meet their talent needs. Includes my template to support this effort.
  3. HR’s New Role | Harvard Business Review | A new article by Peter Cappelli and Ranya Nehmeh on how HR can show leaders the true costs of outdated workplace policies, practices, and mindsets.
  4. High-Potential Employee Identification Playlist | Curated by Brian Heger | My one-page cheat sheet of five resources that inform aspects of high-potential identification.
  5. ‘Huge Benefits to Our Organization’: Pepsi Co, IBM Share Why Their ‘Returnships’ Work | WorkLife | Addresses the diminishing stigma attached to career breaks and gaps in work history.

Also included are the Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker, Chief HR Officer Hire of the week, and more!