Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 235


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This issue covers: Internal talent marketplace, talent sharing, 10 CHROs hired and promoted in 2024, a Novartis study on mental health program usage, and women at work.

  1. Internal Talent Marketplace: A Visual of How it Works | Brian Heger | My one-page slide to help articulate how an ITM works. Both PDF and PowerPoint versions are included.
  2. Why You Should Let Your Favorite Employee Move to Another Team | MIT Sloan Management Review | Explores how managers hinder their direct reports’ advancement and offers strategies to foster internal mobility.
  3. 10 Chief HR Officers Hired or Promoted So Far in 2024 | Brian Heger | My 14-page PDF that includes information on a sample of CHROs that have moved into a new Chief HR role this year.
  4. Research: More People Use Mental Health Benefits When They Hear That Colleagues Use Them Too Harvard Business Review Shares findings from a Novartis study on increasing employees’ willingness to use mental health support programs despite the perceived stigma.
  5. Women@Work 2024 Report | Deloitte | A 49-page report on critical workplace and societal factors profoundly impacting women’s careers. Bonus resource on psychological safety.

Also included are the Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker, Chief HR Officer Hire of the week, and more!