Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 240


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This issue covers: AI in HR use cases template, removing years of experience requirements from job advertisements, contingent workforce, succession planning, and CHRO appointments.

  1. Template for Evaluating AI in HR Use Cases Based on Impact and Feasibility | Brian Heger | My new template to help HR teams identify and prioritize potential AI in HR use cases.
  2. Experience the Difference: Why Employers Are Relaxing Some Tenure Requirements | Economic Research by Indeed | A new analysis on the decline in the number of job postings requiring a certain number of years of experience.
  3. Strategies to Improve Succession in A High-Disruption Environment | Gartner | Shares ideas for building robust succession and leadership pipelines amid disruption. Includes an example from Bridgestone.
  4. 3 Resources for Managing the External and Internal Contributors of a Firm’s Workforce as an Ecosystem | Multiple Sources | Shares insights into how an organization can view its workforce holistically as an ecosystem of internal and external contributors.
  5. 7 Chief HR Officers that Were Hired or Promoted in the Last 60 Days | Brian Heger | I share summaries of seven Chief HR Officers who were appointed to a new CHRO role in April and May 2024.

Also included are the Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker, Chief HR Officer Hire of the week, and more!